Conflict Coaching

Part of the Coaching Emotional Intelligence Series – next class starts May 5.


It’s inevitable.  It’s part of the human experience.  It arouses intense emotions.

We’re talking about conflict, of course.  As coaches we are good at managing and coaching our clients through conflict (aren’t we??).

There are many ways of dealing with conflict, of course, and we all have our preferences.  Some tend to avoid it at all costs (and often at their own expense).  Others become quite aggressive (and damage relationships in the process).  Still others tend to roll over and accommodate (and fail to get their own needs met in life).

Conflict is not bad.  It just is.  As noted earlier, it’s part of the human experience.  It’s how it’s managed that makes the difference.

Selecting the best approach to managing conflict depends on the situation, and the capabilities of the individual.  There are times when it is best to avoid (at least until emotions calm down).  Other times we need to step up to an aggressive approach.  And sometimes it’s best to compromise (give a little, get a little), or accommodate (if we know we are wrong or it really doesn’t matter much).  And then, of course, there’s the win-win, Getting-to-Yes, collaborative approach to resolving conflict.

The best among us are able to flex, stretch themselves out of their comfort zone, and adapt their approach to the unique circumstances of the conflict situation.  Effectively.  Without damaging relationships.  And without giving up on our own needs.


Handling the inevitable conflicts that arise in life is a topic that frequently surfaces in coaching.  Supporting our clients as they sift through the various ways of dealing with conflict is just one of the key coaching skills that our coaches learn in the Coaching Social + Emotional Intelligence certification program.

Join us for our next 8-week class starting Thursdays, May 5. The class runs 90 minutes once a week, from 11 AM – 12:30 PM Eastern Time through June 23.  Taught by webinar and phone, all classes are recorded in the event you miss one.

Earn 12 CCEUs from ICF. Join a small, intimate and content-rich class with other experienced coaches as we discuss how to coach conflict, and coach many other aspects of social and emotional intelligence as well, including how to coach emotional awareness, personal power and self-confidence, impulse control, intentionality, agility in the face of change, interpersonal effectiveness and much, much more.

This course is taught by Dr. Laura Belsten, international thought leader on social and emotional intelligence, and author of the SEIP – the Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile.   In the course of this program, you will become certified to administer the SEIP to your own clients, and help them identify their strengths and potential development needs in 26 distinct S+EI competency areas, thereby distinguishing your coaching practice, gaining a niche, and building your business by attracting and supporting far more clients.

Class size is limited, only 7 seats remaining.  And this is the last class Dr. Laura is teaching until next Fall, so call to reserve your place today.

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