Christene Cronin, CC

Christine CroninChristene Cronin, founder of Discovering You is a certified coach with S+EI certification through the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence (ISEI)™. Her company is dedicated to helping driven and ambitious leaders, managers and entrepreneurs navigate through their hectic lifestyle and tight deadlines to achieve their sought after, seemingly unattainable goals.

Christene truly honed her S+EI skills during her 22 year career in Information Technology, specifically within middle management and for numerous industries. Her extensive background outside of the technical qualifications includes business analysis, project management, consulting, coaching employees as well as clients. Christene’s experiences provide her with the means to share her insights on how to create a collaborative working environment, provide effective leadership, improve communications, resolve internal/external conflict and increase personal power and effectiveness. We understand that everyone is an individual with their own unique way to learn. By utilizing Emotional Intelligence (soft skills) we can help you reduce stress and create an effective working environment.

Christene’s Articles

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