Dennis Hooper

Dennis Hooper helps Atlanta leaders build skills and awareness beyond what comes naturally.

Dennis Hooper is an Executive Coach, helping organizations improve their quality and depth of leadership. Dennis has been coaching organizational leaders for seventeen years (after 23 years in a variety of leadership roles in Procter & Gamble and 7 years as an internal leadership development consultant in the Weyerhaeuser Company). He helps healthy organizations move in the direction of genuine excellence. Certified in 2002 as a coach by the FranklinCovey Leadership Institute, Dennis specializes in:
–Personalized coaching to leverage the strengths (and minimize or work around the weaknesses) of individual leaders.
–Installing a reliable, repeatable leadership development process in those organizations that do not already have one.
–Moving cultures from “passively compliant” to “enthusiastically collaborative.”
–Building organizations of excellence through enhancing culture, processes, and results.
–Fifteen years of articles, over 400 of them, published on a variety of leadership topics, all available free of charge on his website:

Dennis is happily married, with one daughter, a son-in-law, and one grandson.

You can contact him at (404)-575-3050 or e-mail to You’ll find over 400 previous articles on his website,