Diana Lowe

As a Former Dale Carnegie Master Trainer, Diana Lowe worked with Directors and Senior Executives in Fortune 500 companies to transform their team spirit and communication, turning low-performing teams into highly productive and engaged teams. Diana now works with Senior Technology Leaders to reduce team conflict (create value from conflict), increase discretionary impact, and gain personal commitment (engage and motivate) to drive results.

She enables leaders to find solutions for team members that are great with their technical skills but may be hard to work in some way. She also helps leaders who want to avoid conflict at all costs and rather hone the skills to that of a Jedi warrior (so she has been told by clients).

Great leaders know that they need support, clarity, a sounding board, and a safe space to talk about different options of decisions they have to make. This is where Diana comes in. In short, she helps leaders take their well-performing teams to the next level.

In fact, their greatest tech is . . . . . their people!!

Her role is to help leaders understand the full picture (get clarity), evaluate the gaps (assess), and create high performing teams (execute plans to exceed goals).