Hope Eaton

Hope Eaton is committed to helping companies create exceptional workplaces. She knows first hand the importance of the alignment of workplace culture with the values of the people who make up the company.  She also knows the value engaged, motivated and innovative people bring to the companies for which they work.  With her background in training and development, product marketing, and systems and business process transformation consulting, she understands the issues of both people and companies and brings this to bear in her work with her clients.

In her current role as Partner and Global People and Culture Practice Lead at The Bodhi Tree Group, LLC, Hope works with companies around the globe that want to get serious about their people and culture, that struggle with attracting and retaining the best people into the right roles, and that would like to benefit from improved business results by aligning their people and culture with business objectives and strategy.

Hope creates a bridge between people and the companies that they work for so that they can both flourish. Through her consulting and coaching work, Hope focuses on creating intentionality about the relationship between people and the companies for which they work and her work draws from research and work in the fields of Organizational Development, Training and Development, Social and Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, Positive Psychology and other disciplines.  Hope holds a BS from Tulane University and a MA from Louisiana State University and is a Social and Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach and DiSC Facilitator.

Hope’s Articles

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