Judy Krings

Judy Krings, Ph.D., PCC, is a uniquely human personal/professional positive psychology life coach and clinical psychologist. She joyfully dove into her coaching career at MentorCoach in 2007. She is proudly MentorCoach trained and certified by the International Coach Federation. She is also certified as a Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach® by the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence. Her positive psychology trainers have included Drs. Chris Peterson, Barbara Fredrickson, Ryan Niemiec, Todd Kashdan, Robert Biswas-Diener, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Joe Ciarrochi, Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP, and Roy Baumeiester. As well as a MCP Introduction to Positive Psychology trainer, Judy is on the Advisory Board of the MentorCoach Alliance for Positive Psychology.

Judy empowers you to maximize your happiness, whip up well-being, and basque in your best self. She is known for her intuitive metaphors and innovative coaching applications. Judy’s energy, humor, and passion set her apart as a coach who truly “walks her talk”. She authentically inspires you to delightfully ignite and have fun maximizing your character strengths. To flourish and thrive, not just survive. She puts heart in helping you and joy in your journey. Her vigilant support fortifies your personal and business relationship-building. With zip and zest, you evolve and problem-solve.