Lindsey Leach

In 2018 I received a coaching certificate in Social and Emotional Intelligence after realizing what I really loved about my time in visual merchandising and sales was connecting with and leaving some kind of mark on people. I have a intuitive gift for observing and looking to understand the “whys” behind human behavior. The search firm Egon Zehnder International analyzed over 500 senior executives. They discovered that those who were strongest in Emotional Intelligence were more likely to succeed than those strongest in either IQ or relevant previous experience.

I am forging a new career path. I want to use my prior work and life experiences to develop my skills in learning, training, and talent development for the ultimate good of a company and assisting in long-term, valuable employee relations and increasing engagement. I plan to use my years of experience training, managing, and building relationships with a variety of personality types in different work environments. I am a dedicated, growth-oriented, perceptive, personable, creative, organized, big picture thinker with a smart and unmatched work ethic.

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