Lisa L. Custardo, CC-SEI, MBA, CPA, CGMA

Lisa Custardo is a forward-thinking, seasoned professional with an extensive business background as an Executive Director, CFO, and Certified and Licensed Social + Emotional Intelligence Coach, Mentor, & Facilitator-Trainer.

Her near 20 legacy within the Health and Human Services & Non-Profit sectors has gifted her with a multitude of significant opportunities in working directly with the most creative and innovative thought leaders, executives, senior management teams, directors, HR personnel, direct caretakers, donors, families, and guardians in exploring, designing, and integrating only the very best strategic initiatives and universal practice solutions for increasing organizational quality and operational excellence within the most prudent and streamlined business strategies. As such, she is able to bring a very unique balance and diverse set of expertise to any organization and team of professionals she works with.

Currently, Lisa is in career transition, seeking a new and challenging career opportunity with just the right organization where she can bring all of her experience, skill, approach, and senior leadership expertise to the table. For Lisa, the right company finds tremendous value in the growth of their employees, will be deeply interested in leveraging Lisa’s abilities, will challenge her to develop further, and will be enthusiastic to help her implement her vision, as follows:

“I see myself on a long-term professional mission as a strong senior member on a team of professionals within a “People-Centered” organization who is motivated to expand their company health, wealth, & value by leveraging my dynamic leadership experience; who is interested in designing and integrating advanced human capital asset & talent development strategic initiatives; and, who is inspired by my passionate drive to cultivate a leadership-edged environment where innovation AND business combine EXPONENTIALLY.

Lisa is also positioned and available as an Executive Business Development Consultant and/or Leadership Talent Coach, Trainer & Facilitator to assist organizations with their Human Capital Asset Strategic Initiatives and Social + Emotional Intelligence training and development programs.

To round out her vast 20+ years as a seasoned CFO, Executive Director, MBA, and licensed CPA with complimentary CGMA designation-Chartered Global Management Accountant, Lisa holds a Coaching Certification from Coach Training Alliance, Boulder, CO and a specialized graduate level professional coaching designation in Social + Emotional Intelligence from The-ISEI, Denver, CO. To discover more about how Lisa and how she may assist you in meeting your business objectives and achieving your next level of professional success, you may visit her at where you will find her virtual business portfolio, or you may contact her directly at

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