Madalina Iacob


Madalina Iacob is a certified coach in Strategic Intervention, Master Neuro Linguistics Programming and Emotional Intelligence. Her coaching focuses on personal development for individual clients as well as executive coaching for businesses.  She is dedicated to helping others become their best selves and achieve the level of success they want to reach in life in any of the 3 areas self, work or relationships.

Specializing in personal development, empowerment, passionate relationship patterns, successful mental, emotional and behavioral patterns, she looks to discover and ignite that inner spark or magic aspect which propels one towards creating and living the life of their dreams. In her own words, reaching for your dreams starts with contemplation on questions such as: “What are your dreams and desires? What type of person would you like to be? What is stopping you from having what you want? What fears, habits, or addictions are limiting your beliefs or causing detrimental behaviors? “ She believes changing one’s life doesn’t happen overnight and that it requires a commitment to change how one thinks, feels and acts, in order to get the results they are seeking.

With Neuro Linguistic Programming, she helps clients gain the mentality successful people have, with emotional intelligence they learn how to use their emotions to empower themselves, and with strategic intervention techniques they will know how and what actions to take at the perfect time in order to achieve anything they want in life.

You can reach out to Madalina by visiting her website at

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