Patricia Edwards

patriciaedwardsPatricia has spent over 25 years interviewing, hiring and developing high potential professionals while in senior Human Resources Manager roles for Fortune 200 and Fortune 500 companies.  She has a varied industry background including: financial services, customer service, architectural firms, healthcare, sales and service. Patricia also holds a degree from Iowa State University, has completed graduate work toward an MBA , MS in organizational development and is a certified facilitator of Emotional Intelligence.

Although she enjoyed a successful career path in corporate America, she found her passion when she became certified in Emotional Intelligence.  Being a life long learner and avid researcher, she also studied Positive Psychology and became fascinated with the power and ability to transform her thinking and life.

Patricia now has a consulting practice specializing in job search strategies for managers and executives as well as HR consulting and leadership development.  She reverse engineered the process of selection and now is helping people discover their talents and strengths, enhance their confidence and market themselves in order to attain their ideal career.  She has coached hundreds of employees, at all levels, to their career success and now shares her career wisdom with job seekers and high potential professionals.

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