Patrick B. McLaughlin M.A., M.Ed.

Born in Ireland, Patrick has been blessed in having had the opportunity of living, working and/or studying in several corners of Ireland, prepare for a Masters-level degree in French at the Faculté de Lille in France, face with relish the challenge of living in the bush for three years in Mongu, Zambia and of teaching French in an all-girls’ private school outside of London, England.

Montreal has been his home since 1972, having been accepted into the Counselling (M.Ed.) programme at McGill University.

Since becoming a solopreneur twenty-five years ago, he has been involved in the provision of Employee Assistance Programme services and, for many years, in the work reintegration of victims of accidents, especially with those victims who had suffered brain injury.  He has also trained in Divorce Mediation.

Always stimulated by change and challenge, his focus is now on Investigation of Allegations of Psychological/Sexual Harassment, Transformative Mediation in the Workplace, Conflict Coaching and Training.  In the latter activity, he has been known to introduce his talents in storytelling and singing.

Fully bilingual in French and English, he has also mastered the mind-boggling intricacies of Irish Gaelic.

Patrick’s Articles

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