Phillipa Wilson

Phillipa WilsonI have been a nurse for more than 35 years with extensive clinical experience in many areas of practice including critical care and mental health. I obtained my nursing education in the UK and graduated from Nursing Schools as Registered Nurse, Registered Mental Nurse and from Midwifery School as a Certified midwife. I served as staff nurse, charge nurse, supervisor and manager. Over the years, my supervisory and managerial skills built on my knowledge taught me how to listen well and to put people first. My exposure to diverse cultures during my career gave me a better understanding of a wide variety of lifestyles.

I experience EI coaching as a client which changed my life and has helped me to help others do the same. As a leader I am known for my ability to build structured teams, motivate people and problem solve. I am passionate about helping people overcome challenges to do their best by working on their strengths to improve their performance. My focus is to help people take care of themselves as a whole. I have helped newly graduate nurses and other individuals overcome the humps and move forward in their career at a quicker pace.  My transition to coaching began six years ago. I am a certified Life Coach, Certified Social +Emotional Intelligence coach and Certified Licensed-Specialty New Life Story Wellness Coach.