Stephanie Pinto

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Stephanie Pinto is an Emotional Intelligence Coach & Trainer, Speech Pathologist, Certified Resilience Doughnut Trainer, and a Positive Behavior Support Therapist. Her passion and purpose is helping parents and their kids to have a content, calm and connected life with those around them. She particularly sees that children are at the heart of the family, and that when they have the right tools within themselves, they blossom into confident, resilient, balanced adults.

As a child, she lacked self-confidence and was not resilient at all. She was unaware of my emotions and so therefore unable to manage or control them. This severely impacted her schooling and even her first career as a speech pathologist. Later as a parent, she would get incredibly frustrated with her kids, and struggle to keep calm when their behavior was challenging.

Discovering Emotional Intelligence (EQ), studying it and becoming certified as an EQ Coach, has allowed Stephanie to become emotionally aware, confident, assertive and to successfully manage her emotions. Her home life has changed completely! Her family is much more calm and cohesive, they understand each other, talk about their emotions and solve their problems. They’ve built an atmosphere of trust, listening to each other and making time to connect with each other every day. Put simply, their family life just flows.

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