Virg Setzer, MSOP

Virg Setzer, MSOPVirg Setzer is a certified executive coach, and certified as a social and emotional intelligence coach through the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence (ISEI)™.

He is the president and founder of Performance Point Solutions LLC with a focus on performance improvement for leaders, managers, and organizations.  Virg utilizes his knowledge and skill in Social and Emotional Intelligence combined with his educational and organizational expertise to increase his client’s leadership and managerial effectiveness.

Virg has 35 years of senior level leadership and managerial experience with several major businesses across operations management, organizational development, and human resources that include international responsibility across North America, Europe and Asia.

He has over 15 years Executive and Business coaching experience.  He is an Adjunct Executive Coach with The CEO Partnership, and an Adjunct Management Instructor in the Business School with the University of Colorado Denver.   Virg has a Masters in Organizational Performance and Bachelors in Business Administration.  He serves on the Colorado Leadership Board of the American Diabetes Association.   He served in the US Air Force and is a Vietnam Veteran.

Virg’s Articles

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