A Great S+EI Story: Outstanding Service Orientation – A Must Read…

Because of their emotional tug, stories are one of the greatest ways to convey the meaning of the 26 Social + Emotional Intelligence competencies. Just thought you might all enjoy the following heart-warming story from one of our ISEI certified coaches, Kyle DeLoach. This particular story illustrates the S+EI concept of “service orientation.” THANK YOU, KYLE !!!!

Dr. Belsten,

I just heard a great EQ story on the news this morning. Thought of you and your telling of the British Airways story about outstanding customer service at NY’s Kennedy airport.

Rob Fyfe, CEO of Air New Zealand told this story to the interviewer in response to her question, “what sets Air New Zealand apart from its competitors?”

He said a passenger told his company rep that as she was hurrying to get to the sky ramp to board a flight in Auckland, with two very small children in tow (one, a babe in arms), a person ran toward her from the ramp area (the plane) and asked if he could help carry one of her children and help her board the flight. She thanked him and seeing his clothing, said to him, “its obvious that you don’t do this for a living at Air New Zealand. What do you do?” To which he replied, “Oh, I’m the pilot. I saw you from the cockpit window hurrying to board and I just thought you could use the help.”

What drives us to provide outstanding customer service? It’s just doing simple, basic things that help others move more comfortably along life’s daily highway. Being aware, getting to that place of conscious awareness, is often times the first step. And it is a “coachable” goal for all of us.

Continued success and happiness Laura!

Kyle DeLoach

Life Coach, Facilitator, Speaker

By the way, when I asked Kyle for permission to send his story out to everyone, he said “by all means, get the story out there!” And he added that he is currently reading and taking notes on Stephen Denning’s book, “The Springboard: How Storytelling Ignites Action in Knowledge-Era Organizations.” He says he is seeking to discover how people create meaning in their lives by telling stories as a way to interpret their own reality (thoughts / emotions / behaviors).

Thanks again for sharing, Kyle. And to all of you reading this, what stories do you use to illustrate and drive home the meaning of the various social and emotional intelligence competencies? Please share here, and I’ll compile a list and get them out to all of you.

2 Responses to “A Great S+EI Story: Outstanding Service Orientation – A Must Read…”

  • Daniel:

    My name is Daniel. I have worked in Korea for over twelve years. In my time here, I have learnt that certain firms are quite closed to people from other countries since they have a lot of pride in themselves.
    However, I was taken aback a few times. One of those times was when I taught EI to a vice chairman of a major group called Chaebol here and he said, “Oh, that’s HOW you do it!” This company’s motto has always strived to focus not on tech or process or anything else but rather people and their motto of willingly and voluntarily. Another time I remembered a VP who was fired on a cold December day. I was just a blurp on his screen but he was kind enough to tell me how much he was happy I taught EI to the company and making it, showing it as being the how of their corporate culture. I was touched.
    I was at that moment quite

  • There are so many other actors in the world. The way you can stand out is be yourself and practice.