FREE Preview Workshop: Coaching Social and Emotional Intelligence

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On Thursday, January 6, at 10 AM Eastern, the Institute for Social & Emotional Intelligence (ISEI) is offering a free one-hour webinar on coaching social and emotional intelligence for coaches and HR professionals.

Social and emotional intelligence coaching is one of the fastest-growing, most in-demand areas of coaching today. Workshop presenter Dr. Laura Belsten is a nationally recognized expert and author of the Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP), the most comprehensive assessment instrument for measuring social and emotional intelligence on the market today.

Coaches are increasingly finding themselves called upon to support their clients in the areas of self-awareness, self-management, conflict management, powerful influencing skills and more.

And HR professionals are the first individuals approached when there are “messy people issues” in the workplace.

The Coaching Social and Emotional Intelligence certification program is designed to solve these dilemmas, and provides dozens of time-tested, scientifically-validated tools to support both coaches and HR professionals meet these challenges.

You’ll receive a sampling of these powerful worksheets in this one-hour webinar that previews the full eight-week certification program.

We pack as much value into this one hour as possible, including providing a model of social and emotional intelligence used in 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies today.

We also provide you with an overview of social and emotional intelligence, why it’s so important to our success in life and at work, plus practical tools you can put to use immediately, including worksheets on:

  • managing our “hot buttons”
  • powerful influencing skills
  • a stress management personal plan, and
  • several conflict management worksheets

Research indicates that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) predicts success in work and life better than Cognitive Intelligence (IQ).

Socially- and emotionally-intelligent individuals have the ability to tune into their emotions and use this information to make better decisions and more effectively interact with others.

Studies show it’s not how book smart you are, but how people-smart that makes the difference.

This free webinar provides a value-packed overview of what a coach or HR professional will learn in the full 8-week program. The first 20 attendees to register will receive a complimentary SEIP assessment.

Register here.

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