Success starts with self-awareness

young woman looking into a mirror

Article Contributed by Amy Sargent

Here’s a brief yet interesting interview with Helen Davitt, Group Health, Safety and Wellbeing Manager at Vodafone, who talks about the importance of emotional self-awareness and ability to connect to others as keys to success.  Read the entire article by Anna Keen, here:  Success starts with self-awareness


“Understand yourself.  Your strengths, your style and your motivation.  Then identify your development areas and work on them.” — Helen Davitt


Below are some ways that keen self-awareness shows up:

  • You can name the feeling you are experiencing, and why you are feeling it
  • You are aware of the link between these feelings and your thoughts, words and actions
  • You can see how your feelings affect your performance
  • You’re able to articulate what you are feeling in an appropriate manner
  • You know your triggers and can tell when your emotions are beginning to well up

Working with a life coach can be helpful in learning to recognize and manage your emotions so that your work and personal relationships are empowered by your feelings instead of hindered. Your emotions are a valuable and essential source of information and not to be ignored!

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