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What are your values?


Article Contributed by Amy Sargent


Do you know what your values are? Values are your personal beliefs that you use to make choices and guide your life.  Knowing what our values are is one of the first steps to living with integrity.  Which of the values and beliefs below are most important to you?

List of Values, Beliefs or Desirable Characteristics









Achievement Courteousness Intellect Restrained
Advancement Creativity Involvement Risk
Adventure Dependability Imagination Salvation
Affection Discipline Joy Security
Affectionate Economic security Learning Self-control
Affiliation Education Leisure Self-reliance
Ambition Effectiveness Logic Self-respect
Artistic expression Equality Love Sincerity
Assisting others Exciting life Loving Spirituality
Authority Fairness Loyalty Stability
Autonomy Fame Mature love Status
Balance Family happiness National security Success
Beauty Family security Nature Symbolism
Belonging Forgiving Obedience Taking risks
Broad or open- Free choice Order Teamwork
mindedness Freedom Peace Tidiness
Caring Friendship Personal Tenderness
Challenge Fun Development Tolerance
Cheerfulness Generosity Pleasure Tradition
Cleanliness Genuineness Politeness Tranquility
Comfortable life Happiness Power Variety
Companionship Health Prestige Wealth
Competent Helpfulness Pride Winning
Competitiveness Honesty Quality Wisdom
Contribution Independence Rationality Others?
Conformity Influence Recognition
Contentedness Inner harmony Reliable
Control Improving society Religion
Cooperation Innovativeness Respect