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Congratulations to our students who graduated today from our March 2018 Coach Certification Course! They are now Social + Emotional Intelligence Coaches® and joining our elite team of 900+ coaches from around the world who’ve been certified to administer the Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile® and coach S+EI. Nice work!

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Become a certified social + emotional intelligence coach!


We still have seats available in our online class starting August 11th! Learn to coach social and emotional intelligence and become certified to administer the Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)® on Thursdays, Aug 11 – Sept 29, 6-7:30pm ET. You’ll earn 12 recertification credits from the ICF, HRCI, or SHRM.

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Engineering Great Managers at Google via Social + Emotional Intelligence

In a fascinating article in the New York Times, Adam Bryant reports on Google’s initiative to engineer better managers, and it turns out that seven of the eight key competencies of great managers are squarely in the realm of social and emotional intelligence.

Two years ago, Google embarked on an in-depth research initiative to determine the characteristics that define the best bosses in the organization.  The study, called “Project Oxygen,” analyzed thousands of performance reviews, employee surveys, nominations for “top-manager” awards, and much more.

All the data analysis and research was boiled down to a list of eight key management competencies.

The top skills, called “Google’s Rules for Managers,” include:

  1. Be a good coach to your employees (have regular one-on-ones, maximize employees’ strengths, provide specific, clear feedback)
  2. Empower your team and don’t micro-manage
  3. Express interest in team members’ success and personal well-being
  4. Don’t be a sissy:  be productive and results-oriented
  5. Be a good communicator and listen to your team
  6. Help your employees with career development
  7. Have a clear vision and strategy for the team
  8. Have key technical skills so you can help advise the team.

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Workplace Bullies – What To Do?

Workplace bullies demonstrate a serious lack of social and emotional intelligence.  They lack the skills of self-management, stress management and empathy.  They do severe damage to the individuals they bully, and to the companies for which they work.

And the problem is widespread.  According to a survey conducted in 2007 by Zogby International, almost half of U.S. workers report they’ve been the subject of workplace bullying or have witnessed it.

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