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What is Social Intelligence & How Does it Relate to Emotional Intelligence?

Image result for social intelligenceArticle contributed by Laura Belsten.

We receive frequent requests for coaching  Social Intelligence as an add-on to our coaching Emotional Intelligence.

We all know people who seem to lack awareness and finesse in social situations, whether at work, home or in communities.

I’m reminded of one client who had been planning her wedding (out of state) for many months, and because of the crunch at work was only planning to take a short time off – from Wednesday at noon, returning to work Monday morning.  Her socially-inept boss, when reminded that the employee would be leaving at noon on Wednesday for her wedding, became extremely agitated and impatient, and practically screamed, “well okay, if you have to, but don’t let it happen again!”

Two books, both entitled “Social Intelligence,” delve into the concept of “social intelligence” and how it relates to “emotional intelligence.”  One was written by Daniel Goleman and the other by Karl Albrecht. Read the rest of this entry »